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The Collector's Gallery - Fine Canadian Art

Group Show
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - Thursday October 26, 2017
Saturday, October 14 Noon - 4:00 pm



Caroline Armington
Ponte dei Sospori, Venice
14 x 10.25 in.  Etching

Caroline Armington
Pont des Arts, Paris
8 x 11.75 in.  Etching

Maxwell Bates
Untitled Abstract ed. 2/2
17 x 26 in.  Polygraph print

Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith
Waterfall in the Canadian Rockies c. 1890
12 x 9 in.  Watercolour

Andre Bieler
At Lost River, Quebec 1979
12 x 16 in.  Mixed Media on Board

Leonard Brooks
Evening, Bosham UK
12 x 14 in.  Watercolour

William (Bill) Brownridge
The Five Hole
16 x 24 in.  Mixed Media on Paper

Alfred Joseph (A.J.) Casson
Through Winter Trees 1931
5 x 6 in.  Serigraph

Horace Champagne
Winter Scene
12 x 15 in.  Pastel

Nicholas de Grandmaison RCA
B.C. Landscape 1942
8 x 10.75 in.  Pastel

Jean Geddes
Mount Moran, Snake River
11 x 14 in.  Oil on Linen on Board

Jean Geddes
Evening Glow on Mount Murchison, Banff National Park
24 x 30 in.  Oil on Board
$ 4100 CDN

Jean Geddes
"Upstaged", Three Sisters, Canmore
18 x 24 in.  Oil on Board
$ 2700 CDN

Robert Genn
At Sleepy Bay, Rivers Inlet Lodge
11 x 14 in.  Acrylic on Canvas

Roland Gissing
Athabasca Peak, Looking Towards Jasper 1924
9.5 x 12.5 in.  Watercolour

H.G Glyde
Vegreville, AB 1979
16 x 20 in.  oil on canvas

John Hammond
Lake Louise, Banff c. 1891
10.75 x 16.5 in.  Oil on Linen on Board

Frank Hennessey
Christmas Morning
4 x 5 in.  Serigraph

E.J Hughes
Fern (Artist's Wife)
7.5 x 9 in.  Ink on Paper

Blaine Jackson
Dusty Trail
13 x 17 in.  Acrylic on Board

A.Y. Jackson
Quebec Village 1931 Verso: Frederic Banting Sketching Outdoors
7.5 x 9 in.  Pencil

Mitchell Keirstead
Loading the Corn Stalks
10 x 15 in.  oil on masonite

Illingworth Kerr
Greek Girl 1965
13 x 10 in.  Felt Marker on Paper

Illingworth Kerr
Above Penticton, BC 1979
12 x 16 in.  Oil on Canvas Board

Jack King
14.5 x 19.5 in.  Oil on Board

Ken Kirkby
Ringed Plover
12 x 20 in.  Oil on Board

Harold Lyon
Old Tired Horse
10 x 8 in.  Oil on Board

Henri Masson
Street Scene, Que 1982
11 x 13.5 in.  Mixed Media on Paper

Ernst Neumann
Young Girl
11.5 x 8.5 in.  watercolour & ink

Marion F Nicoll
Bighorn Resevoir 1935
7 x 9.75 in.  charcoal drawing

Marion F Nicoll
Bighorn Lookout c. 1935
7 x 9.5 in.  Pencil

Wojciech Nowakowski
Cows in Woodland Pasture
12 x 10 in.  oil on masonite

Toni Onley
Waldren Falls Oldman River 1990
11 x 15 in.  Watercolour

Armand Paquette
Horse Drawn Cart
14 x 21 in.  Watercolour

Jane Ash Poitras
Mise Manito ed. APII
35.25 x 24.75 in.  Etching

Cameron Roberts AFCA
Traffic, Venice
13.5 x 20.5 in.  Watercolour

Allen Sapp
Working in the Fields
16 x 20 in.  Oil on Canvas Board

Margaret Shelton
East of Drumheller on the Red Deer River 1949
9.5 x 13.5 in.  Watercolour

John Snow
18 x 15 in.  Mixed Media on Paper

John Snow
Puppet 1986
40 x 29 in.  oil on canvas

Charles Jones (C.J.) Way
7.25 x 11.75 in.  Watercolour and Pencil

Charles Jones (C.J.) Way
Cutiligano, Tuscany
7.25 x 12 in.  Oil on Panel