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The Collector's Gallery - Fine Canadian Art

Seka Owen ASA, RCA
A Retrospective 1980 - Present
April 18, 2015 - May 5, 2015
Noon - Five with artist present


Over the past 35 years, Seka Owen, RCA, ASA, a Calgary-based painter affiliated at the beginning of her artistic career with Edmonton's School of Formalism has earned a reputation as one of Alberta's and Western Canada's most important, and prolific abstract painters.  Her works are composed of assemblages of bright colour, laid over subtly stained grounds. The unusual and often dramatic colour effects that she achieves imbue her works with an expressive quality that sets them apart from those of her contemporaries.  Owen's works have often been described as 'post-painterly abstraction', but whatever the term, there is a depth and emotion in her works that transcend whatever category is applied to them.

Jacek Malec









After L.A. #1, 1988
39.5 x 57.5 in.  Acrylic on Canvas

New Visions #9, 1998
25 x 70 in.  Acrylic on Canvas

Grand Forks #8, 1987
29.5 x 21.5 in.  Pastel

New Vision Series #V, 1998
37.5 x 45 in.  Acrylic on Canvas

After Sheffield Lake #8, 1996
23.75 x 28.5 in.  Acrylic on Canvas

The Grid Series #4, 2007
3.5 x 4 in.  acrylic on paper
$ 500 CDN

Arrangement with Berries and Flowers, 1997
13.75 x 13.75 in.  Mixed Media on Paper

Winter Music, 1983
47.4 x 17.5 in.  Acrylic on Canvas

Morgana Series #10, 2014
36 x 48 in.  Acrylic on Canvas

Kananaskis, 1991
51.5 x 28.5 in.  Acrylic on Canvas