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Charles Jones (C.J.) Way RCA SCA
Charles Jones Way
*1835 - 1919)
Born in Dartmouth, England, Way studied art at the South Kensington Art School, London, England (1855).He came to Montreal, Quebec about 1858.Working in oil, watercolour, and chalk, he is known for his romantically inspired landscapes, urban views, and building studies.In addition to painting extensively in southern Quebec, southern Ontario and New Hampsire, he travelled and painted frequently in England, Italy (1892-1893)., and Switzerland (from 1880).He also visited and painted the Rocky Mountains and Victoria, British Columbia for the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1898.Some of his paintings were photographed and published by William Notman (1863-1864).He was President of the SCA in 1870, and left for Lausanne, Switzerland about 1900 where he died.he exhibited extensively with the RCA in 1880-1918, and the AAM in 1880-1917.His work is in the collections of the MMFA, NGC,PABC, and ROM.

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Selected Collections
British Columbia Provincial Archives, Victoria, BC
McIntosh Art Gallery, London, ON
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, QC
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON