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Blake Ward
The beauty, grace and symmetry of traditional figurative sculpture has always called to me.It is my school and my obsession.My language is the figure and I feel the need to comment on the human condition, sometimes distorted by demons, and other times enchanted by all that is pure within us.Blake Ward

Blake Ward was born in Yellowknife in the North West Territories in Canada, then raised and educated in Edmonton, Alberta where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta in 1979.
In 1985 Blake moved to Paris to study under Cyril Heck with whom he learned traditional techniques of modeling figurative sculpture. When the opportunity arose for Blake to move closer to both his foundry and marble quarry, he opened his current studio in Monte Carlo in 1991.
Blake’s early work represents anatomically correct details in the clay sculptures of his live models, the first step in a “lost wax method” of production where the final rendition was either cast in bronze, or sculpted in marble.
Blake began his series of “de-sculpted” figures called “Fragments”, followed by his “Rethink” collection, after completing his teaching fellowship at the University of Hanoi in 2003
It was in Vietnam that Blake shaped his vision of the devastating, long-term effects that landmines have on people all over the world. The result was an infusion of his activism into this series of sculptures.
His latest series, The Spirits, have crossed over into the abstract. Blake creates provocative partial figures (Angels and Phantoms) that represent the expanding consciousness of our inner selves in relation to our outer changing world.
Blake’s work has been exhibited in France, Italy, Germany, England, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.
In early 2013, Blake joined forces with conceptual artist, Boky. With the Ushabti Angels, their creative collaboration continues to develop and grow, making an occasional turn into the unexpected.
Blake and Boky’s new works bring together technique, emotion and psychology, entwining bronze and life into this thing we call art.

Solo Exhibitions
Year Exhibition
2015 Depth of Perception, Articsok Gallery, Toronto
ON, Canada
2015 Silent Metaphors, The Front Gallery, Edmonton
AB, Alberta Canada
2014 The Silence of Stone, Rouge Gallery, Saskatoon
SK, Canada
2014 Just Beneath the Surface, Articsók Gallery
Toronto ON, Canada
2014 Figurative Alchemy, Continental Art Fair Gallery,
St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France
2013 The Space Between, Rouge Gallery, Saskatoon,
2012 Blake Sculpture Angels, Comité National
Monégasque des Arts Plastiques, Monaco
2012 Burning Buddha Performance, McIntyre Park,
Edmonton AB, Canada
2012 Fragments, India International Center, New
Delhi, India
2012 Blake Sculpture, Ian Tan Gallery, Hong Kong
2011 Blake Sculpture, Petley Jones Gallery,
Vancouver BC, Canada
2011 Blake Sculpture, Winspear Center,
Edmonton AB, Canada
2011 Blake Sculpture, Lougheed House,
Calgary AB, Canada
2011 Blake Sculpture, Rouge Gallery, Saskatoon
SK, Canada
2011 Fragments, Collectors Contemporary
Gallery, Singapore
2011 Fragments, Bui Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
2010 Fragments, Meta House, Phnom Penh,
2010 Fragments, Hotel de la Paix, Siem Reap,
2010 Fragments, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage
Centre, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
2010 Burning Buddha, Video Installation, Meta House,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2009 Re-Think, DLC Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
2009 The Figure, Rouge Gallery, Saskatoon,
SK, Canada
2008 The Figure, Crystal Gallery, Fairmont
Monte-Carlo, Monaco
2008 Fragments, Saint Ethelburga's, London, UK
2008 Fragments, Chelsea Arts Tower, New York,
2008 Fragments, Canada House Gallery, London, UK
2007 Fragments, La Galleria, London, UK
2007 Fragments, Canterbury Cathedral,
Canterbury, UK
2007 Fragments, Cinema Verite, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
2007 Fragments, The Smithfield Gallery, London, UK
2007 Fragments, Haberdasher's Hall, London, UK
2003 The Spirit and the Figure, Banque Gothard,
Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Group Exhibitions

Year Exhibition
2015 87th Annual Members Show, Sculptors Society
of Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada
2015 New Member’s Show, Sculptors Society of
` Canada, Toronto ON, Canada
2015 Maison d’Art Gallery Point Art, Art Fair
`Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo, Monaco
2014 Richesse, Comité National Monégasque des
Arts Plastiques, Exhibition, Monaco
2014 Being & Becoming, Duel Exhibition,
The Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Canada
2014 Ubuntu A Tribute to Nelson Mandela,
Articsók Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
2014 Forum des Artist 2014, Affaires Culturelles
Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco
2014 A Collective Human Experience,
The Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Canada
2014 In The Heart Suite, The Front Gallery
Edmonton, AB, Canada
2014 Arte è Felicità Group Exhibition San
Donato Milanese, Milano, Italy
2013 Continental Art Fair, St Jean Cap Ferrat,
2013 Resonant Space, Ian Tan Gallery
Vancouver BC, Canada
2013 7th Rencontre Artistique Monaco, Japan,
2012 Blake Sculpture, Ian Tan Gallery,
Asian Art Fair 2012, Hong Kong
2012 Quand Fleurissent les Sculptures,
Jardin Exotique AIAP
Exhibition, Monaco
2012 Blake Sculpture, Gallery De L'Omeau,
Saint Tropez, France
2012 Blake Sculpture, Ian Tan Gallery,
San Francisco Art Fair, San Francisco CA, USA
2012 UNESCO Comitte Art Exhibition
Casa de Vacas, Madrid, Spain
2012 Silent Beauty Group Exhibition Kehrig
Fine Art, Edmonton, AB, Canada
2012 6eme Rencontre Artistique Monaco,
Japan, Monaco
2012 World Art Expo, Seborga, Italy
2011 Sculpture at the Jardin Exotique,
UNESCO committee, Monaco
2011 Peace, Love & Grooviness, Kehrig
Fine Art, Seborga, Italy
2010 The Burning Buddha, Nuit Blanche,
Toronto, ON, Canada
2010 Ann Arbor Street Fair, Ann Arbor,
Michigan, USA
2010 SOFA Santa Fe, Sante Fe, New Mexico,
2010 Monaco Art 2010, Monte-Carlo,
2009 Une Celebration de l'Arte Canadienne,
Domaine du Grand Cros, Carnoules, France
2009 New Motions of the Figure, ICO Gallery,
New York, NY, USA
2009 Nude 2009, Lexington Art League,
Lexington, KY, USA
2008 Pointe Art, GAM Gallery, Monte-Carlo,
2008 Weatherburn Gallery, Naples, FL, USA
2002 Adam and Eve, Hotel de Paris, Monte-Carlo,
1996 The Portrait, Museum of Menton,
Menton, France
1994 Skulpturenpark, Herzogin Diane
Altshausen, Württemburg, Deutschland
1993 Galerie du Ruisseau, Paris, France
1993 Marie Ferrer Gallery, Winter Park,
Florida, USA
1993 Festival Des Arts, Beaulieu-Sur-Mer,
1992 Monaco Fine Arts, Place du Casino,
Monte-Carlo, Monaco
1990 101e Salon Des Artistes Indépendants,
Grand Palais, Paris, France
1989 Le Genie De La Bastille, Rue de
Charonne, Paris, France
1984 Studio Show S.I.G.M.A. Sculptors In
Greater Manchester Area, Old Hulm Hall
Road, Manchester, England
1979 Graduation Exhibition, University of
Alberta Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Canada
1975 The Canadian Arctic, Arctic Art Gallery,
Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

Public Installations

Year Installation
2013 Sharon Marble, Jardin Exotique, Monaco
2012 Maya Marble, Jardin Exotique, Monaco
2011 The Vestige, Jardin Exotique, Monaco
2008 Apple P-40, United Nations Association-
USA, New York, NY, USA
2006 Virgin Mary, Ho Chi Minh City Fine
Arts University, Saigon, Vietnam
2005 Faust, Grimaldi Forum, L' Association
des Amis de l'Opera de Monte-Carlo
1998 The Messenger, Fontvieille, Monaco
1995 The Bather, Monaco Heliport,
Fontvieille, Monaco

Permanent Public Collections
Year Collection
2006 Virgin Mary, Ho Chi Minh City Fine
Arts University, Saigon, Vietnam
2005 Breast Plate, Monte-Carlo Casino,
Opera House, Monaco
2000 L'Eveil, PLace Du Moulins,
Monte-Carlo, Monaco
1995 1989: Emerging Continents,
Fontvieille, Monaco
1994 Les Atlantes, Fontvieille, Monaco

I have renewed my relationship to the human form. It has undergone a metamorphosis from silent conformity, where the rules and proportions are tantamount to a partial figure where the human condition becomes of primary importance. I want to stretch the canons of classical realism by giving beauty another voice that challenges socio-political norms.

My aesthetic ideals have evolved: solid yet ephemeral, perfection transformed into the beauty of the imperfect.I speak of spirit and courage, of heritage and of imperishable strength.

Today I challenge the traditional figure, creating a characterization of the Spirit; a metaphor to our inner world that might encourage us to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves.Consciousness, as a philosophical concept, can lead us many places, from the empirical world of the cognitive sciences to a theoretical one, where psychology attempts to provide the answers.It is my intention to reach into the 21st. century using sculpture to transcend disciplinary boundaries between the physical bodies in bronze and the self-knowledge and understanding of the ethereal realm that is our internal landscape.

Inspired by the strength of humanity, I seek a metaphor to celebrate life.