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The Collector's Gallery - Fine Canadian Art

Greg Edmonson
We are currently creating a detailed bio for Greg Edmonson.
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Corporate Collections
Aim Funds Management, Calgary, Alberta
Chalfont Holdings, Calgary, Alberta
Conoco Ltd., Calgary, Alberta
Corporate Responses Inc., Calgary, Alberta
Ernst and Young, Calgary, Alberta
Infocast Corporation, Calgary, Alberta
Lancaster Financial, Calgary, Alberta
Matco, Calgary, Alberta
Mcintyre Bills, Calgary, Alberta
Merchant Equities, Calgary, Alberta
Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, Washington
Nordstrom, Seattle, Washington
PanCanadian Petroleum Limited, Calgary, Alberta
RBC Securities, Calgary, Alberta
RXN Visions, Calgary, Alberta
Shaw Communications, Calgary, Alberta
Texas Utilities, Calgary, Alberta
Torode Realty, Calgary, Alberta
Toronto Dominion Bank, Toronto, Ontario
Westcoast Rehabilitation Consultants, Calgary, Alberta

Public Collections
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton, Alberta
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Ontario
Calgary Allied Arts  Foundation, Calgary, Alberta
Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Department of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ontario
The Alberta Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
The University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta
The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Selected Awards

1994               Canada Council Art Bank Purchase
1992               Canada Council Art Bank Purchase
1987               Canada Council Art Bank Purchase
1987               Canada Council "B" Grant, Ottawa, Ontario
1986               Nat Christie Foundation, Shell Canada, Calgary
1985               Banff Centre Scholarship, Banff, Alberta
1982               Heinz Jordan Memorial Scholarship, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015              Brain Storms: UAlberta Creates, Enterprise Square Galleries, The University of Alberta,                              
                       Edmonton, Alberta
                      Pop/Op/Post-Modern, Bugera Matheson Gallery, Edmonton , Alberta
2014              Memory and Illusion, Bugera Matheson Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
2011              Chroma, Weiss Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2010              Summer Show, Weiss Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2008              Fresh Paint, Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2007              Group Show, Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
                      The Dog Days of Summer, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
2006              Deck the Walls, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
                      New Work/New Directions, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
                      Spring in Full Bloom, Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
                      Alumni Exhibition, University of Calgary, Mezzanine Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2005              Summer Show, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
                      New Works, Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2004              Landscape X9, Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta
2003              Flux of Fluid(Tom Dean, Greg Edmonson, Jennifer Walton, Don Hughes,
                       Stu Oxley, Michael Toke, Doug Guildford), Edward Day Gallery, Toronto                      
2002               Scenic Scapes,  Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2001               Soviet Pangaea, Esplanade Centre for the Arts, Medicine Hat, Alberta
                       Sites of Resistance, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, Alberta
                       Boston and Miami Art Fairs
2000               In/Land: the Narrative in Western Landscapes, The Nickle Arts Museum,
                       Calgary, Alberta
                       New Additions: Building the EAG Collections, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB.
                       Boston Art Fair
1999               Greg Edmonson: Portraits 1992-1997, Esplanade Centre for the Arts, Medicine Hat, Alberta
1998               MOM art gallery, Castelfranco, Veneto, Italy
                       Arte Fiera di Firenze, Florence, Toscana, Italy
                       Passages, (The Works Festival), Beaver House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1997               S.I.A.C. Art Fair, Rome, Italy (art fairs also in Vicenza and Ancona)
                       The Last Picture Show,  Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary
                       Art Fair Seattle 97,  Seattle, Washington
                       Homecoming,  The Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary
1996               Expressions of the New: Abstract Painting in Canada, The Glenbow
                       Museum, Calgary, Alberta
                       Art Fair Seattle 96, Seattle, Washington
                       "What a Piece of Work is Man", John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
                       "A Natural Fixation",  Edmonton Centennial Library, Edmonton, Alberta
1995               "Looking Back III", The Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta
                       "Realism Revisited", The Muttart Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
1993               "The Figure", Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta
                       "Greg Edmonson: Soviet Pangaea",  The Muttart Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
                       "The Human Condition", The Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
                       Fiera D'Arte Contemporanea, Pordenone, Italy
                       Art Fair Seattle 93, Seattle, Washington
1992               "About Face", The Works, Standard Life Centre, Edmonton, Alberta
                       "Art Can't Hurt You", Newzones Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
                       "Appropriation", Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
                       "Double Exposure", Myxdmedia, Calgary, Alberta
1991               "Top Notch", Harcourt Gallery, Edmonton/Bowman Arts Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta
1990               "Alternatives", The Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
                       "Antonio Maniscalco, Greg Edmonson", Minimi Intenti, Trieste, Italy
                       "New Expansions", Catriona Jeffries Gallery
1989               "Photomaton", Articule, Montreal, Quebec
                       "Tutti Frutti", L'Associazione Culturale Crossing, Portogruaro, Italy
                       "Square Deal Cubed", The New Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
1987               "Mark Dicey, Greg Edmonson, Joyce Frazer, David Janzen", Paul kuhn Gallery,
                       Calgary, Alberta
1986               "The Signed Image", The Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta
                       "Exposure V", Off Centre Centre, Calgary, Alberta
1985               "Heart Breakaway/Echappe du Coeur", exhibition catalogue, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff,  
1983               "New Alberta Artists", The Muttart Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

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Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011               "Memoryscapes", Agnes Bugera, Edmonton, Alberta
2010               "Fluxation", Weiss Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2007               "New Paintings", Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
2007               "Transformative Landscapes", Agnes Bugera Gallery,Edmonton, Alberta
2006               "Landscapes", Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2004               "Grid Landscapes", Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
2002               "Spectrum", Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta
2001               "The Persistence of Memory", Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery,
                       Medicine Hat, Alberta
2000               "Vestige", Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta
1999               "Portraits  1992-1997",  The University of Waterloo, Ontario
1998               "Landscapes", Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta
                       "Greg Edmonson", Galleria Transit, Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy
1996               "Recent Paintings", Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1995               "Portraits", Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art,  Calgary, Alberta
1994               "Paintings 1990-1994", Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta
1993               "Soviet Pangaea", Catriona Jeffries Fine Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
                       "Soviet Pangaea", Neutral Ground, Regina, Saskatchewan
                       "Circumfigurabile", L'Associazione Culturale Crossing, Portogruaro, Italy
1991               "Greg Edmonson", Gulf Canada Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
                       "Fossil Garden",  Catriona Jeffries Fine Art, Vancouver, B.C.
1989               "Permutations and Mutations", The Southern Alberta Art Gallery,
                        Lethbridge, Alberta
                       "Permutations and Mutations",  L'Associazione Culturale Crossing, Portogruaro, Italy
1987               "Greg Edmonson",  2nd. Story Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
1985               "Greg Edmonson",  Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta