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The Collector's Gallery - Fine Canadian Art

Ron Wilson

Technique meant everything during my first years as an artist-- even though they tried to tell me that technique is only the means -- not the end. They're right,eventually I managed to put in feeling.
Now I'm painting more simply and choose only those
subjects that STOP me, hoping that some of that feeling
will be felt in turn by my viewers. While one can learn a lot aboutart in a short time, it takes a lifetime to make those lessons one's own.

I enjoy fine art, painting portraits, figures, wildlife, the sea, mountains and deserts,
working in sketchy pencil, rapid pen 'n ink, juicy watercolours and brushy oils.
Suggestive imagery - saying a lot with little - is my Home Style.

Ron is in Canada bordering the United States of America.
He started painting in 1974, working first as a broadcaster
in radio and TV before becoming a full-time artist in 1992.
Holder of 3 awards by juries of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Publications about Ron Wilson:
(1) Dictionary of South African Artists by Grania Ogilvie, published by Everard Read.
(2)Wildlife Art Magazine (USA) page 115 of November/December edition, 1992

July 31, 20101st Place Award - Sidney Plein Air Paint Out