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Robert Dempster
I was born in Winnipeg in 1950, moved to Calgary in 1964, met John Snow in 1967 and worked for him until 1973. The hours in his basement constitue almost the whole of my artistic education. In 1984 I moved to Vancouver, started sculpting soapstone, and then, using John Snow's recipe, cement fondue. At the same time I began doing lino cuts - small black and white images that I sent to Mr. Snow for printing on his electric press. To make something in colour I started hand printing anything I could find that would take ink and then transfer that ink onto paper. That's essentially what I've been doing ever since. In 1991 Kathy, myself and our 1 yr old son moved to Sidney, and our daughter was born in 1992. In the winter I make sculpture, since the climate here is perfect for it, and in the summer works on paper.

I started showing work at the Barton Leier Gallery in Victoria in 1991, had a two person show there with John Snow in 1992, a group show at the Nievaart Gallery in Sidney in 1994, and till just now have always had some sculpture on view at the Barton Leier (now in Yellowpoint). Sculpture and paper works are in private collections in Victoria area and in Calgary.