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Harley Brown

Harley  Brown  - Crawler, Stony Chief
Crawler, Stony Chief
24 x 18 in.  Pastel 
Harley  Brown  - Heavy Shield, Blackfoot
Heavy Shield, Blackfoot
24 x 18 in.  Pastel 

Please email the gallery to view more works by Harley Brown .

A Western painter and sculptor of figures and domestic animals, Harley Brown was born in 1939 in Edmonton, Alberta.  His father, an amateur artist, encouraged his young son from the early age of seven to pursue his passion for art.  After graduation from high school, Harley began setting up department store window displays for an impressive $150 a month. His passions were elsewhere.

Harley wished to pursue the arts and enrolled at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary.  To support himself through school, he started selling his drawings door to door.  To supplement this income he also played piano professionally.  After studying at Alberta College of Art, he moved to London, England to study at the Camberwell School of Art for two years. Harley began to make a name for himself in the Western art circuit, and in 1966, he returned to Canada.  Shortly after his return he met Bob Morgan, curator of the Montana State Historical Society.  Morgan was impressed with his work and put together a one-man show for Brown, where all 70 of his art works were sold.

His career in the arts began to flourish. Harley received a call from Canadian born, American artist Robert Lougheed who founded the National Academy of Arts at The National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. Lougheed encouraged Harley to submit some of his work for the National Academy of Western Art show in 1977. Harley won a gold medal for drawing at the show.

Harley Brown is a member of the Northwest Rendezvous Artists, Helena, Montana; National Association of Watercolor Artists; Oil Painters of America; Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Cowboy Artists of America since 2004.  In 2005, he won two gold medals at the CAA annual exhibition.  He felt so honoured to receive a membership in the CAA, he said Being allowed to join them is a monumental event in my life.

Today, Harley Brown lives in Tucson, Arizona.  His works can be found in numerous corporate, public and private collections around the world.